GMMK , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Wettbewerb Wahrzeichen Melbourne 1979
  • As a hommage to Magritte the „OPEN DOOR“ invites you to come in.
  • Integrated in the natural and technical wall (river, railway-yards, streets), the „OPEN DOOR“ represents a city gate.
  • You can go through it, get into it, you can pass it, you feel to be in or out of the city.
  • Built over a traffic junction (car, tram, train, ship), almost everyone passes through.
  • The „OPEN DOOR“ ist not only a symbol, but at the same time a building for offices, etc. ...
  • Standing in the water and on the earth, reaching far into the air, it symbolically combines these three elements.
  • 250 m high, it can be seen from the bay or from an aeroplane.
  • The golden doorknob and kicking plate are symbols recalling the historic time of the goldrush.
  • The Victorian coat of arms, a traditional element strengthens the population’s feeling of solidarity and serves at the same time as a very attractive decoration for the door leaf.

The „OPEN DOOR“ is a Landmark which will one day become the symbolic entrance of Australia!