Meeting with Imaginary Architecture
1999 - 2002
GMMK Gert M. Mayr-Keber ZT GmbH Imaginäre Architektur Imaginary Architecture 1999-2000

Starting-point for the realization of three-dimensionally-conceived architectural concepts in alienated form were drawings and texts from recent years, finger-exercises for an at least intellectual realization of subjective ideas; the legible representation of such ideas as recorded thought was, and still is, important to me.

The possibility to have an exhibition in Tokyo was an important reason to work out six special small objects representing the power of three-dimensioned sketches as the first step of working out architecture.

Realized as small spatial object, sculpture, ornament, or also as visualized house-dream, this small object represents the attempt, even on the smallest scale, to produce an autonomous and - in material too - independent creation employing the methods of architecture, which does not claim to serve as a model for something larger.