Vienna, 3rd District
GMMK , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Bankwechselschalter 1980

Three important basic aspects of this project, taking the location (station hall) into consideration, are the employment of perceptual-psychological visual media, a form- language to emphasize the identity and the optimizing of the function. These three aspects are spatially intertwined, visually translated by means of various object- like elements, and thus represent the basic vehicles of this design.

The three pillars, for example, attract attention but at the same time serve as a screen for the seperate bay housing a cash dispenser; they can furthermore be understood as a row of pillars, a striking and easily-remembered motive. Similar considerations apply to the circular surround for the existing corner pillar or for the diagonal location of the entire cash desk.

The block-like exterior surface and the horizontally-emphasized sectional steel construction in the glazed area, in conjuction with the predominating encased corner pillar, can also be understood as a connotatively-superimposed reference to the company.